The die is cast

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To his misfortune, Felipe starts being considered as an actor who brings bad luck to his colleagues and there’s nothing he can do about it. This is so bad that he even convinces himself about his misfortune when he fails trying to give up his bad luck.

At the same time, his half-brother Guillermo is fired from work and dumped by his girlfriend. Also, his father Victor is told he has a cerebral tumor which will allow him to live only for a couple more days.

Víctor calls on his sons to make them aware of his last wish: he wants to have cocaine again, a substance he tasted many years before, when he had fallen in love with a showgirl.

His children try to make his dad’s last wish true, but Felipe’s bad luck turns the mission into a failure, and they end up mugged and left without any of their belongings.

While Felipe tries to deal with his bad luck and a bad relationship with his father, Guillermo starts taking tango lessons to win the heart of a lady he fell in love with.

This is the story of two people who succeed in resolving their deepest conflicts and get to change all that’s around them.
Director’s notes

This movie is really important to me, as being my first one, it has the magic and the uncertainty of everything one does for the very first time.

I would define it as a small story, not pretentious at all, and at the same time very pleasant, because I’m talking about something I deeply believe in: we’re part of a plot in this universe in which nothing happens by chance, everything is related, and we get to resolve our deepest conflict, that will be the greatest reward in all aspects of life.

This is the small anecdote I’m trying to narrate, from a simple, emotional and very humorous point of view, which is what I like the most.
Interview with Sebastián Borensztein

How did you come up with the idea of "La suerte está echada"?
I found it appealing to talk about that plot we’re all involved and living in, about how we get to know different worlds, how our actions and others’ carry us all along that away.

How would you define "La suerte está echada"?
It’s a simple anecdote. It’s about two guys trying to resolve what’s inside of them, they make everything change.

Why did you choose luck as one of your themes in your movie? Do you believe in it? Do you regard yourself as someone who’s lucky?
Basically, I liked the title, because the die is cast means we’re all playing that random game, but even though luck comes up many times all along the movie, what drives the story is what characters do.

According to what I believe, and in very cheesy terms, I would have to say I’m really very lucky.

What added each of the characters?
Everyone contributed a lot, in all honesty. I was the one who had never made a movie, I had a clear idea of what I wanted, but I also heard the offers from those willing to make them. And I bought a lot of it, I did the right thing. They all gave their personal touch to this movie. We all played.

What are the roles of humor and filming in your life?
The movie has a great deal of very functional humor; I think the right amount. I generally have a view that leads me to humor, which is almost unavoidable, sometimes you show it, sometimes you don’t, but it’s always there.

What was the most difficult in this movie? And what was the easiest?
Two difficult things: first, editing, leaving scenes out that from the very beginning I thought impossible to, letting go was quite a process. And the other very difficult thing is this moment previous to the release in which so many expectations are created.

How did you feel making movies, after so many years on television?
Really at ease.

Which are your expectations for this movie?
I’d love people to go and watch, and then if possible, also like it.

What do you consider a success and what a failure?
Being able to make the movie you intend to is a success, then if it’s liked, it’s a double success. Failure is all the opposite.

Do you plan to show it in festivals?
Patagonik will be in charge of showing it, and if someone is interested in us going, we will.
About the director

Acclaimed TV author and director, Sebastián Borensztein has made a series of shows that received several awards.

Among the most awarded shows, stand out: "TiempoFinal" (Telefe, 2000-2003), for which he was awarded the Martin Fierro for Best Director (2002), among others.

"El garante", the terror miniseries starred by Leonardo Sbaraglia and Lito Cruz (Canal 9, 1997) was awarded with 4 Martin Fierro, which included: Best Director, Best Author (Sebastián Borensztein, Walter and Marcelo Slavich), Best Leading Actor (Leonardo Sbaraglia) and Best Show, and the 1997 Argentores award, among the most renowned.

"Good Show", a humor show starred by the brilliant and unforgettable Tato Bores, his father (Canal 13, 1993), was also awarded with 5 Martín Fierro: one of them for Best Production (Sebastián Borensztein). He also directed "Tato de América" (América, 1992), for which he was awarded a Martin Fierro for Best Direction and twice the prestigious Argentores award.

Technical features

Argentina - 2005
Original title: La suerte está echada (The die is cast)
Direction: Sebastián Borensztein
Production: Pablo Bossi, Patricio Tobal
Producer: Patagonik Film Group
Screenwriter: Sebastián Borensztein
Photography: Sepe Zayas
Artistic direction: Valeria Ambrosio
Wardrobe: Julio Suárez
Music: Alejandro Lerner

Cast features

Gastón Pauls (Guillermo), Marcelo Mazzarello (Felipe), José Gallardou (Don Víctor), Vecino (Alejandro Awada), Julieta Cardinail (Clara), Dr. Sosa (Claudio Gallardou), Lina Delponte (Leticia Brédice).