Sebastián Borensztein

Editorial Konex / Fundación Konex

Author and Director. He started working in TV in 1988. Between 1990 and 2000, he directed and also was the co-screenwriter for Tato Bores’ shows. He created and directed the successful terror and suspense genre miniseries “El Garante” (The Guarantor) with Leonardo Sbaraglia and Lito Cruz which was awarded 4 Martín Fierro; the “La condena de Gabriel Doyle” (Gabriel Doyle’s punishment), “Viva la Patria” (Long live our country) and “Tiempofinal” (Final time). Both the “El Garante” and “Tiempofinal” are currently being developed by the most important channels in Spain. In 1993, with “Good Show”, Tato Bores’ specials, he was awarded with apart from four Martin Fierro, the Ondas Award, the maximum award in Spanish television and the 1993 InPut Montreal. He was awarded twice with the Martin Fierro for Best Director and also twice for Best Author. In 1998, he was awarded with three Broadcasting Awards, the FundTV Award and the Best Author Prize by the Argentinean Authors Society.