A promising debut

Editorial Clarín / Aníbal M. Vinelli.

Even though he has vast experience in different TV shows, the cinema is another adventure. And we’ll have to say right from the start that the Sebastian Borensztein’s beginning in the big screen is highly promising.

La suerte está echada (The die is cast) exhibits more than a vigorous trace of that trade which is still close to perfection, from the decision of telling a story to the commendable devotion to making your life more difficult avoiding shortcuts and easy ways.

Always having control on the plot, this one is about the step-brothers Guillermo and Felipe, who, not being too close, are reunited by his father’s last wish in his dying bed.

Guillermo has become recently unemployed and he’s facing several disasters: he loses his job and gets a small amount work compensation and merchandising (a pair of red trainers, without a box) and his girlfriend walks out on him. And Federico is an actor who, apart from the every day deficiencies of the profession, is labeled as a jinx and he seems to become poisonous for potential contracts.

While tying to live up to old dad’s expectations, the brothers are also eager to solve their own problems, like this odyssey spiced up by the appearance of beautiful women, (Leticia Bredice, Julieta Cardinali, Paola Krum), through the convincing work of Gastón Pauls and Marcelo Mazzarello as the main characters and for this genre’s most difficult ingredient –the comedy- which are the gags. This shows that not everyone is perfect and more than once hurts with an exact timing also for the funny side, but shows an artistic face and a style that, thank God, doesn’t overwhelm the audience and tries to get it involved in these issues.

With a couple of incidental music participations (few but not a wise choice), the flaws are over. To the rest, a charming and generally funny movie is added, with the technical side and the setting well taken care of.

With La suerte está echada Sebastián Borensztein introduces himself as a complete professional. We will have to wait until his next release, to get to see if there’s still more to it…